WATER WIERS 12 - 60"

Create stunning water blades with these stainless steel waterfall weirs. Ideal for installations adding increased aeration and fantastic water sound. 

  • Recommended Flow Rate: 400 to 5,000 GPH, depending on size (pumps must be purchased separately)
  • For a clear sheet of water, keep the waterfall height limited to about 3 ft. above the pond water level - higher falls will cause the sheet to break up
  • Rear entry port(s)
  • Not for use with chlorinated water or swimming pools

Due to various vertical height wiers may be installed, pump GPH varies therefore flow rates for each model are recommended below and pumps are not included and must be purchased separately that will give your wier a good turn over rate for your particular application.

Specifications (48'')








Specifications (48")


Recommended Flow Rate (GPH) Width Inlet Size Number of Inlet Ports
2000-3000" 48" 1" FPT 3 on back